You're smart. You work hard. Why miss the little things that will help you progress?

Read First Job Pointers tonight.

The simple, essential book for anyone entering the workforce


Why You Need first job Pointers

We start our first jobs with high hopes and big dreams.
But somehow, even the smartest of us have a tough time.

We get frustrated, feel that we are not progressing fast enough, or feel we’re being sidelined.

What are we doing wrong?

It’s not because we’re not smart enough.
It’s not because we’re not working hard.

It’s because we’re new to some really basic, simple things
about working in an office together with a team and a boss.

Straightforward things that make the difference
between success and failure.

First Job Pointers was written to make sure
you are covering off these basics.

It’s an essential and thoughtful book
for anyone starting their first job.

What you'll learn

  1. Why you should never be late
  2. The importance of telling stories
  3. Why brainstorming is overrated
  4. Why you should never use a pie chart
  5. How to organize your inbox
  6. The art of the One-Pager
  7. How to escalate problems
  8. When to get angry
  9. Why you should never tell a lie
  10. … and 66 other essential pointers

About the Author

Rob Laing is an experienced startup CEO who has managed and mentored dozens of first-time hires, from their first day on the job as interns to their promotion through to Director-level positions. As the founder of translation technology platform Gengo and now the CEO of Farm.One, Rob has worked with employees of all levels and all backgrounds, across cultures and timezones. 

Rob's passion is for simplicity and clarity, which is why this book is short, direct and easy to read. Even on the night before you start your first job.